Welcome to the Christ Church JCR LGBTQ+ page! 

Here you can find all the resources, welfare advice and tips to help you fully enjoy life as a member of the LGBTQIAP+ community at Oxford. Christ Church’s LGBTQ+ community is both diverse and active in working with the JCR Committee to create a more welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment for its undergraduates. 
LGBTQ+ Christ Church has flourished in the past few years, organising events ranging from Eurovision parties, to flying the rainbow flag during LGBTQ History Month, inviting speakers and hosting Oxford University LGBTQ+ Society’s weekly drinks. Throughout the year, we’re planning to continue running such a varied selection of social events, including discussion groups and improved welfare services, so look out for those in weekly emails from the LGBTQ+ Welfare Officer.

Christ Church has close links with OU LGBTQ+ Society and helps to promote the many welfare services available to students across the university. The JCR has an LGBTQ+ Welfare Officer, two Welfare Reps, an ERM Rep and a Disability Officer, who are all devoted to improving life for students. The Welfare Team has compiled two welfare booklets mapping out the best resources for ensuring your wellbeing. The main Welfare Booklet can be found on the Welfare Page, whilst you can find the LGBTQIAP+ Welfare Booklet below.

LGBTQ+ Supplementary Welfare Handbook

The LGBTQIAP+ Welfare Booklet has been written to make available all sorts of resources for the Christ Church community. It gives a detailed list of who you can talk to should you have any problems or worries, as well as providing tips and advice for adjusting to LGBTQIAP+ life at Oxford. There are also many useful links for Mental Health and Sexual Health support, alongside a glossary of Positive Terminology explaining terms significant to our community. The booklet can also be downloaded here.

LGBTQ+ Educational Resources

A compilation of resources is available for those who wish to know more about LGBTQ+ experiences. These contain short descriptions of concepts along with many links to websites to gain information from a wide range of people within the community. Click on the image below (or here) to download the booklet:

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23rd Apr 2016