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Welfare is a hugely important part of university life: it’s crucial to look after your wellbeing, since it is a stressful time for many. Here at Christ Church, we have a fantastic team of people and a network of welfare services, both in the college, across the university, and locally in Oxford, to help and support you! There is a ChCh Welfare Phone where you can call or text a Peer Supporter or First Responder at any time at 07594292383.

We have two JCR Welfare Representatives, Robbie Mallett and Anni (Anastasia) Drokova, who lead up the Welfare Team. To support us, we’ve got the Peer Support Co-Ordinator (Charlie Fraser), Disabled Students Officer (James Coppin), LGBTQ+ Welfare Officer (Molly Moore), Gender Equalities Representative (Helena Khullar) and Ethnic and Religious Minorities Representative (Titus/Joseph Badawi-Crook), alongside a number of other students who feel passionately about mental health and wellbeing! These positions have been designed to ensure that everyone in college feels represented, supported and feels there is someone they can talk to with honesty and trust.

We also have the Peer Support Team: this is a group of students in college trained in non-judgmental, confidential listening, who can lend an understanding ear, having shared the same experience: Anni Drokova, Charlie Fraser, Elly Gale, Nick Lee and Lucy Thraves. Peer Support, both officially and unofficially, is critically important for wellbeing – so look after those around you!

We also have a number of qualified First Responders to Sexual Assault: Anni DrokovaHelena Khullar, Tiana Dias, Molly Moore, Katt Walton, Luke Cave and Mark Uckermann, who are specially trained in dealing with incidents or disclosures of sexual assault, whether immediate or older.

The JCR Welfare Team is further supported by some key members of the SCR, such as the Welfare Coordinator and Chaplain (Revd Clare Hayns), College Nurse (Midge Curran) and Welfare Tutors (Dominic Moran and Belinda Jack).

Welfare tea and other activities

Alongside being there at any time to help you out, we run several events throughout the term. Weekly Welfare Teas happen on a Sunday afternoon, as a place you can come for a work break, some food and a chat, alongside weekly Late Night Tea Breaks where you can pop by for a chat, tea and biscuit as a break from that essay crisis! Alongside this, we organise welfare activities, such as Zumba, yoga and massages, and we are looking forward to expanding this to include mindfulness also. These events, alongside bigger one-off events, are important in promoting community spirit and wellbeing!

In addition to this, we provide some physical health services, like stocking the “Cupboard of Requirement”, which is located in Kilcannon. This has supplies of free condoms, lube and pregnancy tests – rape alarms are also available on request (email Anni). The Cupboard of Requirement also contains a First Aid Kit for incidences where you don't feel comfortable going to the Nurse or Porters for First Aid. We are also currently selling sanitary products at a subsidised price, cutting the "luxury tax" imposed on them (contact Anni to make an order).

It’s really important to engage with Welfare and look after yourself – both preventatively and reactively. Remember that our doors are always open; the Welfare Team applied for their positions - nobody makes them do it! If you’d like to get involved with Welfare, please contact Anni or Robbie, or come along to one of our meetings – we want to make sure everyone who wants to be involved can have their say, and help tackle the stigma by opening up a dialogue about mental health and wellbeing!

For more information about who’s who, how-to’s, common myths debunked and resources, please have a read of the new Welfare Booklet

Last edited by Luke Cave
29th Jan 2017