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Written by Toby Freedman on 1st Oct 2017

Hello! I am Toby, your JCR President for the year- welcome to the newly updated JCR website! We are keen to get a lot more use out of the website this year, so make this your go-to place for entz and sports events, hall menus and general college information. Looking forward to a great year!

A world of welfare

Written by Luke Cave on 7th Sep 2015

Welfare chums.

One of the JCR summer projects was the creation of a Welfare Handbook - a guide to suit all your welfare queries and needs. This is going to be printed and distributed in the JCR, but for now it can be found here in the welfare section of our website! This couldn't have been done without the inspiration from the welfare husts, the coordination and leadership of Anni Drokova, the research and writing of the Welfare Team, and the design expertise of Nathan Stazicker. Definitely well worth a read as it answers and clarifies anything you could want to know about Christ Church / Oxford welfare.

If you have any welfare-related questions, including how to get involved in the Welfare Team, please get in contact with either Anni or Robbie - their details can be found on the JCR Committee page.

Welfare love,


Let's get ready to beta

Written by Luke Cave on 1st Sep 2015

Hey House, your President here!

Today saw the launch of the Christ Church JCR Beta site. I am thrilled that this was received so warmly and enthusiastically, and the feedback I have received has been much appreciated. Keep this coming, either by email or through the Barometer (suggestion box)! I hope to put the site up fully next Monday, after I've made all the changes and updates you've suggested.

Over and out xx

New JCR Website

Written by Luke Cave on 27th Aug 2015

Hello Christ Church!

As the new JCR President for 2015-2016, one of my first aims was to bring back the JCR website with even more features than before. As such, the committee and I have been working over the summer to bring you this website, which hopefully will answer any questions you may have, act as a point of contact and bring together the Christ Church community. Furthermore, the website will also act as a hub for any ballots or forms, and will hopefully cater for all your guest dinner, suggestion box, sports booking and cake needs.

If you do have any questions about Christ Church please feel free to email me at

I hope you're all having wonderful summers, and I'm looking forward to next year!