GM Motions

Act, Propose, Change!

Format of Motions

The motions which get submitted to the General Meeting (GM) follow a distinct format but are generally easy to write and to set up. Motions require a title, a proposer, and a seconder (just ask somebody to second your motion). They should contain three sections:


Motions have to be submitted to the Secretary at least 48 hours before the GM. Please feel free to contact the VP to ask for help with writing motions (as they are the only person in the JCR who remains impartial in GM votes). Alternatively, you can ask committee to consider drafting a motion through the suggestion box. However, only submitting the motion yourself guarantees that it will be discussed.

Have a look at old motions in the minutes section and the agenda in the documents. Check out the GM page and the termcard for more information and dates.

Sample Motion

Just for reference, this is a recent sample motion:

Motion on Honourary Members in the Constitution

Proposed by: Person N1, Seconded by: Person N2

This JCR notes that:

This JCR believes that:

This JCR resolves to:

“Any person, living or dead, can be made an Honorary Member by a motion with simple majority at a single General Meeting. Honorary Members are encouraged to act as JCR ambassadors but have no rights except those granted by the JCR in a motion put to a General Meeting.

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23rd Feb 2018