How Committee members are elected or appointed

What's this?

The JCR follows a strict procedure, as per the Constitution and Standing Orders, for electing and appointing members to Committee. Our Committee members are either elected following a hustings in the 5th or 6th week of a given term, or appointed following an interview with the Committee in 5th to 7th week.

How it works

Appointed Positions:

The President or Vice-President will email the JCR asking for applications for appointed positions each term, giving around a week's notice. Interested candidates should apply by emailing the President or Vice-President, they have no need for a manifesto or a proposer/seconder. Candidates will be interviewed at a Committee meeting, and will answer questions given to them by the Chair of the meeting, followed by the current officer of the role they seek, finishing with open questions from Committee. The interviews are minuted by the Secretary and circulated as a part of their weekly email.

All Committee members who attended the interviews will then vote in a secret ballot over the next few days, and the results will be announced the day after the election.

Elected Positions:

The Returning Officer will give notice of an election 2 weeks before the election date (traditionally on Thursday of 5th or 6th week), giving details of which positions are up for election. Candidates then have a week to apply for these positions, by emailing the Returning Officer with a single A4 sized manifesto, as well as a proposer and seconder. The Returning Officer may extend nominations of they do not receive applicants for every position. They will send a list of all candidates to the JCR prior to hustings, which takes place on the Sunday before the election.


Hustings takes place in the JCR and is open to all of its members. The Returning Officer runs the event.

For each position, the candidates will each make a short speech (no more than 3 minutes, except for President and Ball President, who are allowed 5 minutes). The speech must focus on reasons why the candidate is a good person for the role, and must not contain any inflammatory remarks against the other candidates. Following everyone's speeches, questions will be taken form the floor. Questions must not be targetted at any specific candidate, and must apply to all, otherwise they will be rejected by the Returning Officer. Following the questions, it is custimary for the incumbent committee member to set the candidates a 'challenge', which they are not obligated to participate in.

The Returning Officer will distribute physical copies of all manifestos at the hustings, and will provide online resources of the manifestos prior to the election. The election will be conducted by secret ballot from 8am to 8pm, after which results will be announced in the Undie, and emailed to the JCR. People are welcome to abstain from voting for any candidate, and can also choose to RON (re-open nominations) if they are not happy with any of the candidates presented for a position.


New Committee members officially start their roles on Sunday of 9th Week of the term they were appointed/elected in.


Who is elected and who is appointed?

Elected positions:


Secretary (Exec), ABE, Freshers', RAG, Entz


Vice President (Exec), Food, Special Diets, Arts, Careers, ERM, Entz


President (Exec), Treasurer (Exec), Welfare x2, OUSU, Bar, Cake, Sports, Liddell, Entz


Appointed Positions:


Returning Officer, IT Oficer, Peer Support Coordinator


LGBTQ Officer, Disabled Students'Officer, Access Officer x2, Gender Equality Officer, Yearbook Editor (attached), Space-Time Rep (attached), Tortoise Rep (attached) 


International Officer, Sound Engineer (attached), Library Rep (attached)

Attached positions do not need to attend Committee meetings but also do not receive the same benefits as full Committee members

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16th Nov 2017