Constitution and Standing Orders

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What is this?

The Constitution lays down the fundamental rules and principles by which the JCR is governed and which members have to follow. It applies to everyone, determines your rights and ways to exercise these rights. It includes definitions, ways to raise formal complaints, the structure of committee, rules for financing, the General Meeting (GM), and how elections have to be run. The constitution has to be followed at all times in the administration of JCR affairs. It can be changed through GM Motions, is reviewed by the Governing Body on a regular basis, and interpreted by the Vice President.

The Standing Orders (SOs) are an extension of the Constitution. They are equally as important and considered part of it but they can be changed more easily and they can be suspended in a single GM. The SOs are more detailed and lay down the specific requirements of individual committee roles, details about elections, the exact order of General Meetings, the rules for the room ballot and more.

Some Highlights


Standing Orders:

The room ballot is administered by the ABE rep in Hilary Term, any member can attend the ballot. Some rules:

Disclaimer: All of the above are just descriptions and summaries of and do not replace the Constitution or Standing Orders. Please always refer to the original documents for further information.

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9th Oct 2017