Useful Information

This page provides information for undergraduate students holding offers from Christ Church for entry in October 2015.

Information from the JCR

The JCR is the student body representing undergraduates in Christ Church. It is led by a committee, and they have produced a number of documents which you will find useful.

  1. Freshers Guide
  2. Freshers week timetable
  3. Information on JCR charges – the JCR operates a number of schemes for which a charge is added to your battels. Please read the letter from the JCR Treasurer for further information.
  4. Welfare – in addition to the College’s welfare team, the JCR has a number of welfare reps who have prepared a guide on college welfare.

All this information (and more!) can be found in the JCR Documents.


What to bring

Here are a few suggestions for what to pack!

  • Bedding, duvet and pillow, cushions, a towel
  • Kettle, mugs, cutlery and crockery (college cooking facilities are limited to microwaves and toasters, so don't bring these, and don't bring any fancy cooking equipment!), washing up liquid, washing sponge, a tea towel, corkscrew
  • Tea, coffee, snacks - get your parents to buy these! #studentlyf
  • Pens, paper, files, push pins (all rooms have a large, useful cork board), highlighters, hole punch, calculator, stapler
  • Clothes (including a white shirt / blouse, black suit / black skirt and black shoes - needed for matriculation and exams), laundry basket, detergent
    • Note that gowns, mortar boards and white bow ties / black ribbons can be ordered through the Freshers Rep, or bought at stores in Oxford, to complete the Sub Fusc dress
  • Laptop and mobile phone - pretty essential for Oxford life
  • Hobby-related things e.g. musical instruments, sports gear
  • Things to decorate your room that remind you of home (helps prevent getting homesick, trust me)

What NOT to bring

  • A-level textbooks, as we have a great library in college, and I'm sorry to admit that these won't be detailed enough..!
  • Big suitcases - where are you going to store these? Send them back with your parents!
  • A car, as there is nowhere to park, and everything is within walking distance
  • Pets. Sorry, these aren't allowed (though we do have a college tortoise, Sampras)
  • Parents. Once they've helped you drag all your stuff up all those flights of stairs and made embarrassing small-talk with your neighbours, it's time for them to go home. Provide tissues. But make sure they go. They do not need to stay overnight anywhere 'just in case you need us'. If they want to go to uni, they can apply through UCAS.


A few other questions you may have

  1. Accommodation – you will find out your room when you arrive – most first years live together in Blue Boar quad. There will be members of the JCR around if you need any help finding your room.
  2. College map – we have produced a map of the main college site, which can be found in the freshers guide.
  3. IT – once you have returned your University contract you should receive an email giving you information on your University IT account, which details your Oxford username (chriXXXX). Once you activate your account at, you can find out your email address at
  4. Most questions you may have will be addressed in the college student handbook – known as the Blue Book - which outlines key student regulations and gives more information on the college welfare network, college facilities and student services. You will have been emailed this. 

Last edited by Danshu Zhang
11th Sep 2017