Dates and Events

This page provides information for undergraduate students holding offers from Christ Church for entry in October 2015.

This page summarises some of the key dates that you need to be aware of in your first few weeks at Christ Church. We have also prepared a timetable summarising the events in Freshers week, some of which are described in more detail below. (These events are also summarised in the JCR termcard.)


Sunday 1st October – Arrival

This is the day when you should arrive at college and move into your accommodation. You will find out your room when you arrive. We have a welcome meeting in the JCR at 3pm, which will introduce you to members of college staff and JCR committee, after which we will all head to the pub!

Tuesday 3rd October – Family Formal

The Freshers Rep organises college families, which act like a buddy system. You will be assigned parents in the year above, one of whom will do the same subject as you. The Family Formal is a chance to meet your College family, and you should be invited to drinks with them before heading over to Hall for dinner.

Tuesday 3rd until Friday 6th October – Introductory meetings with tutors

The mornings of these days have been set aside for you to meet with your tutors to discuss your course. Your tutors will contact you with details of when and where to meet, and attendance at these meetings is compulsory. You will most likely be set your first piece of work, but don’t worry! Make sure you enjoy and make the most of your Freshers week too!

On the Wednesday evening you will have the chance to meet your tutors over dinner in Formal hall. This is one of the two dinners that college provides for you: one when you arrive and the other when you graduate. This is a lovely event - wear formal attire! 

Saturday 7th October – BOP

Freshers week finishes off with our first BOP of term. BOPs are college fancy dress parties held in the common room. Your entz reps will send round an email at the start of term detailing the theme – note that Christ Church students take their costumes very seriously!

Saturday 14th October – Matriculation

This is the formal ceremony, held in the Sheldonian Theatre, by which you become a full member of Oxford University. Please note that this event is compulsory.

Sunday 15th October – JCR general meeting

Our first General Meeting (GM) of term is an opportunity for the all the committee to introduce themselves, and for you to raise any issues from around college. Motions need to be submitted to the JCR Secretary in advance, and are debated on the night before being voted on. Did I mention there will be free pizza?

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11th Sep 2017